About us

For your company’s best

We provide all the financial management functions a company needs, including bookkeeping, payroll administration, payment transactions, invoicing and taxation matters. Besides expert service, we’ll also provide you with valuable advice and good practices to develop your company’s finances.

We mind your business

We understand the legal intricacies of the business world and are here to help with any problem situations your company might face. We take care of matters and sort things out for you, leaving you to concentrate on the essentials – your own business. As well as Finnish, we speak English, Estonian and Russian, and where needed can serve you on the company’s premises. Modern, digital bookkeeping makes it possible to deal with financial management anytime and anywhere. We can take care of a company’s entire financial management or just part, leaving you to do the rest.

Nothing is too small or too big – just ask us. We help new entrepreneurs from the very start, providing them with the advice they need and clear procedures with various matters such as salaries, insurance, payment transactions, financial statement and taxation.

Our services

  • Bookkeeping, accounting and financial statements
  • Billing
  • Payment transactions
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Management and payment of purchase invoices
  • Payroll calculation
  • Collection
  • Reporting and key indicators
  • Successions
  • Online bills
  • Tax declarations, tax advice
  • Rent supervision